What You'll Learn

We are the only firm in the UK delivering Persuasion Skills Training for Sales Professionals, whether working in product or service sales the techniques are universal, you'll learn:

  • How to use subliminal (stealth) persuasion and be amased at the results you'll achieve
  • 16 Powerful Persuasive usually hidden techniques used by the most successful (wealthy) sales professionals worldwide
  • How to overcome any objection and gain stronger client commitment
  • The ability to generate and secure higher levels of business
  • How to build stronger long-term lucrative client relationships
  • The skills to build powerful presentations and more persuasive sales messages
  • How to learn the motivations and needs of your prospects new business development
  • Four structured powerful persuasive questioning techniques creating new business
  • An amazing technique to build resonant rapport sales trainer sales techniques sales development
  • The skills to be substantially more persuasive, and exert more influencees technics
What will delegates learn?

  • To be more persuasive, and influential.
  • A technique to build resonant rapport, immediately! nlp language patterns

You'll learn how to:

  • Direct, control & lead sales conversations towards your goal sales trainer
  • Talk to the subconcious minds of others