The Proactive Seminar

The Proactive Seminar is unique. None other strengthens your team's ability to Persuade and influence.

  • While complementing traditional methods of training our workshops move delegates towards a refreshingly different approach to persuasive sales training
  • Delegates are immediately immersed in PERSUASIVE LINGUISTICS revealed progressively as the seminar unfolds.
  • This means that your people will step by step notice how easily they’ll naturally incorporate persuasive linguistics into their daily sales conversations.

Developing your team's natural abilities

  • The Proactive Persuasion seminar recognises and improves your team’s natural persuasive instincts, and leads to the creation of new, highly practical linguistic ideas and knowledge creating considerable selling advantage.
  • The techniques we reveal are generic and produce quantifiable results in both product and service sales. If this is what you would like for your team call us on 0800 644 1064 for an informal conversation or email:
You'll learn

How to be more persuasive and influential and be able to develop rapport with words!

Our Seminar includes:

A master class in the art of subliminal persuasion